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See It. Do It. Live It!

A report by the Federal Trade Commission found one in every five (1 in 5) American consumers has an error on his or her credit report. And 50% of us endure errors so serious that we likely are being overcharged for credit card debts, auto loans, insurance policies, other financial obligations and even interest rates.

Did you know that by law, information reported about you to Credit Bureaus must be fair, accurate, relevant, substantiated and verifiable?


We, at Living Better 101, know this is unacceptable and have created an effective 3-step process to help you hold the Credit Reporting Bureaus to the standards of the law.

What You'll Do
See It.
You can ONLY CHANGE what you can see, right?
The first step is to review all the items on your credit report. At that point, an assessment of our findings is set up with you, and together we will identify items that are needing immediate attention, and then implement an action plan for you in gaining your desired results and achieving your specific goals.

We'll help you to SEE IT!
Do It.
All great plans are only as successful as the needed actions that are taken. That is the GOOD news.

The BETTER news is that we have an intensive Consumer interactive course that will be teaching you how to communicate with the three (3) Main Credit Bureaus and the 'HOW TO' in managing and maintaining your credit.

Next, we'll help you DO IT!
Live It!
There's definitely a lot more to your process than just addressing negative items or the inaccuracies on your Credit Report.

What's needed is:
1) Further action is required for building Good Credit and raising your Credit Scores.
2) Maintaining your Good Credit.

We'll provide the tools and education so you can LIVE IT!

We’re providing you with your own 24/7 Secure Client Cloud Portal, where you can easily be accessing our vast resource guide, tracking your progress,

keeping an eye on your Credit Scores, and using our messaging system to easily communicate with your instructors. SEE IT.



In your Client Portal, you will also find budgeting tools, calculators for paying credit card balances, educational videos and instruction manuals

that will ensure you get back on track and onto the road of success towards your Credit Restoration. DO IT.



 As you begin seeing your NEGATIVE ITEMS being removed that the Credit Bureaus CANNOT prove or justify, and your Credit Scores improving,

you will then be well on your way in achieving your goals and realizing your dreams! LIVE IT!

Our Student Reviews

Mauricio, Corona, CA
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I’d like to thank Jon and the Living Better 101 staff for helping me achieve my goals. They helped me not only repair my once bad credit, but educated and guided me on making it better. They are the team you want on your side. I went from a clueless shopper to a confident buyer and now I have a brand new 2018 Toyota Tacoma with a great rate. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again Living Better101.
Ann, Reno, NV
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I’m in the 700 club now thanks to you Connie. I just qualified for a mortgage on my own and a new car in my garage. Not quite at 0% but a better rate than I’ve ever had!
Timothy, Perris, CA
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Thanks for all of your hard work, an your patience working with us on our credit. We still have some work to do, but we tackle this battle and stay the course. Plenty of thanks to you and your staff.
Patty, Minneapolis, MN
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Connie and her amazing company have been helping me (very successfully) restore and monitor my credit rating after all my identity theft mess in 2008.
Vika, Phoenix, AZ
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I am super excited to see where my score will be in the years to come! Coming from a third world country with no such thing as a credit score, this is absolutely awesome!!!!!!! I will get my kids lined up in a couple of months! Thank you so much!!!! You are a God send!
John, WY
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NO WAY, NO WAY. In five months my scores went from the high 500’s to 750 across the board. I have never seen a company like this. Recommend to everyone.
Othello, Pasadena, CA
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I Had Living Better 101 clean up my credit, they did a fantastic job. They are easy to work with.
Luciano, CA
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Wow!!!! I’m so impressed!!! So blessed to have you guys in my life fixing my credit!!! You guys are amazing and I referred one friend already. I’ll definitely always refer clients to you as long as you’re in business!!
Stephanie, CO
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I personally did it for myself not too long ago. No gimmicks, just an honest company that wants to help change your life! Do it!